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No Call Out Fee for Computer Repairs in Claremont WA

Dig-it Computer Services are an on-site Computer Repairs, Data Recovery, Computer Support and Problem Solving specialists in the Claremont WA Area for Home and Small Business. Computer Repairs

Computer Repairs in Claremont WA

With over 20 years experience in the repair of PC, Desktop, Laptop & Notebook for Windows , Mac and Linux we can solve your computer repair problems in time at all. Here at dig-IT we can help with just about any computer issue you may have but these are the sorts of things we do regularly
  • Repair Failed Power
  • Failed RAM
  • Repair Failed Motherboards
  • Repair Cracked Laptop screens
  • Repair Overheating - Switching Off
  • Repair Laptop Power Problems
  • Build Computers
  • Repair Internet Problems
  • Repair Network Problems
  • Service slow computers
  • Repair Windows Blue Screens
  • Repair Constant Reboots
  • Virus Removal
  • Repair Failing Hard Drives
  • Failing USB drives
  • Recover data from Portable Drives
  • Recover Lost or deleted files

Data Recovery

Data Recovery in Claremont WA

If your hard drive, USB stick , camera memory card or any storage device has failed or is missing files and data we can be there the same day. We can work on any system be it Windows. MAC or Linux.

Computer Networks

Computer Network Setup and Repair in Claremont WA

We can repair slow Internet connections , missing computers on your network or failing network servers.

Windows Server Setup and Support in Claremont WA

We can help you setup and support your windows server for any purpose be it a specialised application , a remote desktop server , backups and email.

Linux Server Setup and Repair in Claremont WA

We can setup and support Linux Servers for any purpose you may need be it a VPN server , database server, Web Server , Email server , backup or file server.

SQL Database Setup and Support in Claremont WA

We are fluent in the setup , maintenance of both MYSQL and SQL servers. In addition we can help with any web application you may need using php, javascript and apache. Also known as a LAMP server.

Virus Removal for Windows MAC Linux in Claremont WA

If you need virus removal this can be done onsite or at our workshop which is close by.