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There are many points of failure when diagnosing Network related problems , the following is a description of the most common.


It is important to be using the correct cabling to match your networks transmission capacity

Network Device Failure

Poor or degraded cabling and incorrectly fitted plugs are a common problem Excessive Network Collisions will cause network slowdown and this can be it a result of bad network setup ,a user transferring a lot of information (skype or torrents), a jabbering network card, or even plugging both ends of the same cable into a router or switch. A jabbering Network card is a network card that is is always transmitting.

Poor Wireless Connectivity

A lot of people like to use Skype at home to communicate with loved ones but do not understand that Skype transmits quitea a lot of data. This can lead to problems when connecting either via wireless broadband or wirelessly to your home router.

Firewall Issues

It is quite common for blocked connections to occur due to firewalls blocking the port that your software is trying to communicate on. It is important to configure both your hardware (routers) and software (Internet Security) firewalls so that the appropriate port is open. A lot of desktop software eg (torrents, itunes, skype, games) will attempt to open a port on your hardware router using something called Universal Plug and Play

Bandwidth Issues

Increasingly Skype is being used in the Homne and SME workplace to reduce communications costs however this places extra load on your overall network capacity due to it's heavy bandwidth usage. The impact of Skype and other bandwidth heavy applications on your network can be mitigated with the use of the right equipment. QOS or quality of service ensures that no one connection hogs all of your available capacity.

Remote Access & VPN

A common issue is slow connection speeds when accessing your network remotely. It is possible to increase with the right equipment and ISP using Annex M

Windows Networking Issues

Desktop Issues

Slow connection speed is often not a function of the cabling or equipmnet but can caused by viruses either hoggin bandwidth or redirecting your Internet Browser , Browser Hijacks.