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Cabling and Devices

dig_IT will ensure you have the right equipmenet for your environment and obtain the best possible connection speeds at your premises. The correct cabling and choice of network equipmnt is essential to keep your home or business productive.

Configure Wireless Networks

Get help with the right wireless configuration DUAL BAND on both 2.4GHZ and 5GHZ could be the way for way to go. Ensure your whole office or hom e environment has strong wireless recpetion. Setting up a (wireless) router is not hard but can take a bit of configuring see how to set up a wireless router to make sure you apply good security and dont let nosy neighbors use your internet. We can also ensure good quality signal strength by performing thorough signal tests throughout your business premises or home .

Setup Local Area Networks

Setup of Switches & routers , enable QoS for Skype, Video , Streaming and other high bandwidth tasks to ensure that all your workstations have reliable access to your servers and internet and that no-one station can hog all your bandwidth, Enable port forwarding through your Routers and modems for your favourite games or applications.

Configure Windows Shares , Network Printers and Network Servers

Remote Surveillance Setup

It's very common for small business operators to be it able to remotely view their surveillance cameras via the internet on their laptops, desktops or smartphones. Given the right choice of cameras, recorders and correct configuration this is usually no problem at all. In addition it is possible to receive alerts on unusual motion, camera failure , camera feed loss and any number of events to your phone or pc.

VPN's ,Remote Access or the Cloud

Remote access to your important data is essential.

Linux Servers

We have extensive experience with Linux servers for small business where cheap , efficient and reliable servers are required for file sharing, databases , remote networking and print serving.

Mail Servers

Web Servers