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   We have over 20 years experience in servicing and repairing Network Servers, Desktop machines and laptops and that sort of experience is essential in the successful repair of computers in a timely and efficient manner. The repair of computer , laptop , notebook problems are usually obvious such as the on off switch failing to provide power to the computer, there being no output to the screen or no hard drive found.

Desktop PC Repairs

Does your desktop PC suffer from not switching on , constant reboots , runs slow , internet connection is lost, missing important files or strange software is running on your PC. WE fix these problems evryday.

    It used to be the case that motherboards of all types failed regularly and mostly due the motherboard Voltage Regulator components Capacitors, Mosfets, Chokes overheating or even exploding. Modern desktop motherboards have solved most of these problems however laptop motherboards fail regularly. The size limitations of laptops means this techniques eg ( solid state capacitors, ferrite coils and mulitple power phases) cannot be implemented . The repair of laptop motherboards that are out of warranty is typically cost ineffective.

Laptop Notebook Repairs

Does your Laptop or notebook refuse to start up , has it been accidentally dropped or have fluids been spilled on your laptop , has a broken Screens , is it randomly switching off , overheating or the fans are not working, does your WI-FI drop out.

Server Repairs

Servers encounter the same catastrophic problems as desktop PCs however more often than not you notice a problem with servers by their diminished performance. While slow servers may indicate hardware failure often the cause is a bottleneck somewhere. The main suspects are CPU usage, memory usage , disk usage and network.

Windows Mac Linux Repairs

Problems with the Operating System of a computer be they Windows , MAC OS X or Linux can cause your computer to run slow or not all.
   . The following table indicates typical computer repair problems and their cost to rectify.

No response from switch Power Supply Unit or Motherboard$80 + 1 hour
Machine appears to be on but no out put to monitorGraphics Device$90 + 1 hour
Inaccessible Boot Device or No Boot DeviceHard Drive$110 + 1 hour.
Cracked or Broken Laptop ScreenNew Screen$200 -$300
Dim (non LED screen) Laptop Screen Inverter$150
Machine Switches itself OffOverheating, Faulty Power or tripped over-voltage circuits$100
When you plug the AC adapter into the laptop, there are no lights turning on at all. AC adapter failed - DC jack separated from the motherboard $200
When you push on the power button, nothing happens. AC adapter failed - DC jack separated from the motherboard $200

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