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Setup Windows PC , Laptop or Tablet

dig-IT can setup and configure all flavours of Windows , even DOS.
Install and configure your essential software , backup systems, databases and peripherals.

Setup MAC PC , Laptop or Tablet

Setup Linux PC , Laptop or Tablet

dig-IT can setup Linux for the Desktop , Ubuntu is recomended.

Server Setup

Need a Linux Server .We can setup and configure DNS, DHCP, File, Web and email servers. Centos is recomended

     In addition to the standard install of Windows 7 , 8 , Vista , Linux and Mac we can provide many options to the home and small business owner which will make you more productive and efficient.

Remote Desktop

     Mobile computing via Tablets, Laptops has become essential in our busy lives. Remote Desktop allows you to remotely control a machine of your choice from anywhere in the world. This is not some universal feature available to any PC we need to be able to find the Remote Machine either via a Static IP address or dynamic DNS. Then the ADSL/Router must be setup to forward the incoming Traffic and finally the target must be enabled (windows has remote control built-in to most versions) or third party software can be used and firewalls must be configured.


Virtual Private Networks are a way of providing remote access to your work network and can provide any network functionality that is found on your work network, such as sharing of data and access to network resources, printers, databases, websites, etc

RAID & Disk Mirroring

RAID (redundant array of independent disks; originally redundant array of inexpensive disks) is a way of storing the same data in different places (thus, redundantly) on multiple hard disks. By placing data on multiple disks, I/O (input/output) operations can overlap in a balanced way, improving performance. Since multiple disks increases the mean time between failures (MTBF), storing data redundantly also increases fault tolerance. A RAID appears to the operating system to be a single logical hard disk. RAID employs the technique of disk striping, which involves partitioning each drives storage space into units ranging from a sector (512 bytes) up to several megabytes.
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Automated Backup Systems

Backup your data to the cloud so that its available wherever you are.

Linux & Linux Servers

Setup of
  2. SAMBA
  3. MYSQL

VM Ware

     There are many mixed computer environments Windows, Linux and Mac in the workplace. A typical scenario is the Mac guys need to access the Accounting system , typically windows, but dont want to place another computer on their desk to do this. Well the answer is there is no need a program such as VMWARE allows you to run any software on any PC.

Document Management

     If you need to free your office from the burden of archiving paper records then there are many simple document management systems which will not only free up space in your office but improve your productivity ,customer satisfaction and costs with the ability to immediateloy access your clients records.