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Here at DIG-IT we specialise in recovery of data from hard drives and removable media. If you are reading this page it is likely you have received any of the following messages
  1. Data Error Reading Drive [C]
  2. Drive Not Ready-System Halted Error Reading Drive [C]
  3. Hard Disk Drive Failure I/O Error
  4. Missing operating system
  5. Primary Hard Disk Failure
  6. Seek Error - Sector not found
  7. Serious Disk Error Writing Drive
  8. A serious disk error occurred trying to read/write drive
The best thing you can do when you experience any of these messages is to power down the computer and call a technician. With filesystem corruptions , typically due to lockups, power failures, and reformats there is also a strong likelihood your data is still physically on the drive and you should contact us immediately.

Hard Drives

  1. We can repair Hard Drives with failed electronics or failure due to Firmware Corruption

    If you have inadvertently formatted you hard drive, it is not a problem.

    We can repair corrupt or missing critical file system structures on Windows , Mac & Linux

    or Accidental or intentional deletion of important files.

    Repair partition problems on Windows , Mac & Linux

Removable Media

  1. dig-IT will recovery your important photos from digital camera memory cards such as Compact Flash (CF),
    memory sticks, Multi Media Card (MMC)

    Fix your failing Thumb/USB drives, Jump drives, stick drives, pen drives

    Get back that valuable music from your Apple iPod & other MP3 music players/storage devices

    External USB drives and FireWire drives (HDD)

    Optical media such as DVD, CD

Have you Lost or Deleted Files, Partitions & Volumes

While files can become lost or accidentally deleted it is often baffling how whole hard drives can lose their data or be informed they need reformatting. It is important to know that here are critical areas on the hard drive that define the layout of volumes/partitions and the position of files on the drive and the repair of these areas

Are you experiencing Electronics Failure

Your Hard Drive goes missing and is nor reported in your Computer s BIOS or Windows or anywhere. On closer examination you find that the Hard Drive is not power in up at all. This usually is simply the drive electronics failing , often with external drives, this is not worst thing that can happen.

Firmware Corruption

If your hard drive displays the following symptoms then you may be experiencing FIRMWARE CORRUPTION
  • Drive powers up, but is not recognized detected by the computer
  • Drive powers up, but is recognized wrongly, sometimes with nonsensical characters
  • Drive detect in wrong Capacity, such as 80 GB detected as 1Mb

Mechanical component failure eg Failing Heads , Motor or Magnetic Surface

Failing heads are often characterised by the classic CLICK of DEATH. This is usually due to some part of the read/write head failing and recovery in this case is non-trivial