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There are many points of failure when diagnosing Internet & Network related problems , the following is a description of the most common.


  • ADSL Filters
  • They simply stop any signals outside the 0-4000Hz , called a low pass filter, telephone band from passing through either way.

  • Malfunctioning phone equipment
  • All handsets should be filtered

  • Poor Quality Aluminium Phone cable extensions
  • Alarm Systems and Central Splitters

ADSL Modems

  • Failure of DSL Sync
  • Occurs when your adsl modem cannot connect to the exchange and is often caused by Line Attenuation or Signal Noise.
  • Line Attenuation
  • is the energy loss of signal transmission through the line.
  • Noise
  • Noise can be generated by other devices on the line (alarms, phones, faxes, etc) or by electromagnetic pulses.
    tips for reducing line noise :
    • Make sure the unshielded receiving wire (i.e. wall to modem phone cable) is as small as possible
    • Use the first point in the house (generally the one closest to the front of the house)
    • Make sure there's no devices on the line causing noise (unplug everything else)
    • Keep the modem and line away (1m+) from anything else that uses power
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    • Home alarms generate a lot of line noise; disconnect it or get a central splitter

Malfunctioning ADSL Modems

Poor Wireless Connectivity

Desktop Issues

Slow connection speed is often not a function of the cabling or equipmnet but can caused by viruses either hoggin bandwidth or redirecting your Internet Browser , Browser Hijacks.